Linda Lasson

2019 Awarded "Mimmi Börjesson scholarship" by Hemslöjden Stockholm
2020 "Art Collectors choise: Japan". Artbook curated by Contemporary Art Station
2020 "We Contemporary". Artbook curated by Musa International Art space
2020 Comission by Uppsala mancipility
2020 Conducting a embroidery class i Copenhagen, Denmark
2020 Kalix Art society, Sweden
2020 Östersund Art society, Sweden
2020 The Brick Lane Gallery (group) London, UK
2020 Hallsbergs Arthal, Sweden
2021 Västerås Arthal, Sweden
2021 Galleri Granen, Sundsvall
2021 Gallery Smart, Ulricehamn, Sweden

Selected solo exhibition
2020 Bollnäs Arthal, Sweden
2019 Gallery Helle Knudsen, Stockholm, Sweden
2019 Burträsk Art society, Sweden
2019 Umeå Art society, Sweden
2019 Gallery Nordens Ljus, Stockholm, Sweden
2019 Bergagalleriet, Solna, Sweden
2019 Gallery Hälleforsnäs, Sweden
2019 Konsthantverkarna Örebro, Sweden
2018 Piteå Art society, Sweden
2018 Borlänge Art society, Sweden
2018 Söderhamns Art society, Sweden
2017 Gallery Amsterdam Whitney, New York, USA
2017 Virserums Arthal, Sweden
2017 Edsviks Arthal, Sweden
2017 Swedish Ambassy Washington DC "Black embroidery. Images from Nothern Sweden"
2017 Bodens Konstgille, Sweden
2017 Väsby Arthal, Sweden
2016 Klas Engman museum, Nordmaling Sweden
2016 European festival of the night, Korpilombolo, Sweden
2016 - 2017 Textile Archive, Sollefteå
2016 Härnösands Art society
2016 Kumla Arthal
2016 Vara Art society
2016 Kramfors Arthal
2015 Överby gård
2015 "Black thread" (Svart tråd) Rydals museum
2014 Tallbo Art society
2012 316 Kubik, Hudiksvall
2011 Härnösands Arthal
2007 Luleå Arthal
2007 Överby Gård
2007 Gallery 8, Sundsvall
2006 Textile archive, Sollefteå

Selected group exhibitions
2020 Galleria Kookos, Helsinki, Finland
2020 Liljevalchs vårsalong
2020 Väsby Arthal " 25 Jubileum exhibition" (group) Sweden
2019 Västervik Art society
2019 Group/travell exhibition in Germany. Organized by Enter Into Art
2019 Mitt- Salong. Juried exhibition. Östersund, Sweden
2018-19 Gallery Helle Knudsen, Stockholm, Sweden
2018 Gallery Eva Solin, Stockholm, Sweden
2018 Group exhibition Palermo, Italy. Organized by Musa International Art Space
2018  Gallery Hamnmagasinet, Mellanfjärden,Sweden
2018 Krapperups Arthal, Sweden
2018 Group exhibition, Gotland, Sweden
2017 Sundsvall Art association Christmas Exhibition
2017 Gallery Art Nou Mil-lenni, Barcelona, Spain
2017 Group/travelling exhibition organized by Sundsvalls artassociation.
Shown in Sundsvall, Matfors, Ånge, Kramfors, Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik
2017  "Among flowers and stitches" (Bland blommor och stygn) Viresrums Arthal, Sweden
2017 "Settimane Italiane" Gallery Q, Köping, Sweden
2016 "Oxygen- fragmented cities+identities", Bogota Colombia. Organized by It´s LIQUID Group
2016 La Galleria Pall Mall, London. Organized by Interartex
2016 Sundvall´s Art association, Sweden
2016 "Future landscapes", Venice, Italy. Organized by It´s LIQUID Group
2016 "Ars Aeternitatis" group exhibition with H Matisse. Galleria La Pigna, Rome Italy. Organized by Interartex
2016 - 2017 Project "Craft stories", (Slöjd stories) Murberget County museum Västernorrland

2016 Y salongen
2015 25 years, Härnösands kommun
2015 Gallery Gora, Montreal Canada
2015 Konst på kryss / Kunst på kryds
          juried exhibition in cooperation between Helsingborgs (SWE) and Helsingborgs (DEN) art associations. 

2014  "Best in Sweden"  (Bäst i Sverige) Virserums Arthal
2013 Murberget, County museum Västernorrland

2013 Galleri Utås, Örnsköldsvik
2013 "Where no one wants to live" (Där ingen vill bo) Sundsvalls museum
2012 25 years,  Härnösands kommun
2008-09. INEXTEX (Textile EU project in cooperation with Västernorrland and regions in Estonia , Hungary and Romania. Exhibitions at Murberget 2009, Hungary 2009 and Textile archive, Sollefteå 2010).
1997 Sundsvall museum

International Art Fairs
2018 Clio Art Fair for Independent Artists, New York
2017 Hartexpo Art Fair. Represented by Gallery Art Nou Mil-lenni, Barcelona, Spain
2017 Tokyo International Art Fair. Represented by GAA
2017 Art Expo New York. Represented by Art Arena New York
2016 Barcelona International Art Fair. Represented by GAA
2016 Art Fair Carrousel de Louvre, Paris. Represented by PAKS Gallery, Vienna
2016 Art Monaco. Represented by ArtUpclose, New York
2016 Art Expo New York. Represented by ArtUpclose, New York
2016 Architectual Digest Design Show, New York. represented by ArtUpclose, New York
2016 Central Europe Fine Art Biennale at MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Wien. Represented by PAKS Gallery
2015 Art Basel Miami, USA. Represented by Art Upclose, New York
2015 Art Fair Montreaux, Schweiz. Represented by PAKS Gallery, Vienna
2015 Parallax Art Fair, London
2015 Amsterdam International Art Fair. Represented by GAA

Awards, scholarships
Winner of "Excellence Jury Prize- Mixed media" Enter Into Art 2019, Germany
Awarded "Mimmi Börjessons embroidery scholarship" by Hemslöjden Stockholm

Flen muncipality 2019, Östersund muncipality 2019,
Borlänge artasociety/municipality 2018, Piteå municipality /Artsociety2018
Uppsala muncicipality 2017, Västernorrlands county 2017, Söderhamn Artassociation/muncicipality 2018,
Konst och litteratur föreningen Älvorna 2017, Matfors Art association 2017, Sundsvall´s Art accoiation 2017
Härnösands County 2017, Väsby Arthal 2017, Bodens Konstgille 2017,Region Norrbotten 2017,
Sundsvall Museum 2016, Nordmaling Art society 2016, Luleå muncipality 2016
Sundsvall´s municipality 2016, Vara Art society 2016, Härnösands Art society 2016
Västerås artmuseum 2016. Kramfors municipality 2016, Am Public 2016
Marks municipality 2015,Umeå municipality 2014/16/17
Haninge Arthal 2013, Sundsvall´s museum 2013
Stockholms county 2012, Hudiksvalls konstgille 2012
Hudiksvalls county 2012, Nivima KBT 2012
 Dalarna county 2012/16, Jönköping  county2012
Textile archive Sollefteå 2011, Sörmlands county 2012/13/16
Gävleborg county 2011, Örebro county 2011
Västra Götalands region 2010/11, Kulturkontoret Uppsala 2010/11

Kultur i länet 2010, Skellefteå municipality 2010/16
Härnösands municipality 2010/11, Värmland county 2010/11/12/13
Linköpings municipality 2010, Västernorrland municipality 2010/11
IF´s insurance Sundsvall 2006, Adecta accountancy firm 2009, Norrköpings Art museum 2010

Public works/comissions
2019-20 Comission by Uppsala muncipilaty
2017 Makes an artwork on comission for Västernorrlands countys entrence ( Regional utveckling) 
2006 Makes textile embellishments to Arken conference center 's new premises , Örnsköldsvik

Publications in Art Books
2020 "Art Book: Japan". Artbook curated by Contemporary Art Station
2019 "100 artists of the future". Artbook curated by Contemporary Art Curator

2018 -19 "We Contamporary". Art book curated by Musa International Art Space
2017 Published in Inspiration: International Art Book

Publications in Art Magazines
2018 Published in Circle Quaterley Art Review
2017 Published in Inside Artist Magazine
2017 Published in the swedish  Magazine Konstperspektiv spring number
2017 Published in Art Arena Magazine
2016 Published in the magazine Art in America Annual guide 2016
2016 Article in the magazine Hemslöjd issue 4 (Swedish craft Magazine)
2016 Published in the online magazine Contemporary Art Curator Magazine
2015 Published in the book Art UpClose:World Edition 2015.
2015 Published in the British art magazine Inside Artists Magazine
2015 Published in the British art magazine Aesthetica Art and Culture Magazines summer and autumn issue.

Represented by galleries/ agencies
2017- Represented by Gallery Art Nou Mil-lenni, Barcelona, Spain

2009- 2018 Represented by sails by Gallery Andersson/Sandström in Umeå/Stockholm.
2019- Represented by Gallery Helle Knudsen, Stockholm

Workshops with educational actions directed
2019 Leads an embroidery course in Sundsvall. Together with Broderiakademin
2019 Lecture at Gallery Hälleforsnäs, Sweden
2018 Lecture/ Workshops/ showings at Sundsvall Art museum
2018 Lecture/workshop at Bilda, Luleå
2017 Lecture (Slöjdbang) at Murberget, Härnösand, Sweden
2017 Conducting a workshop with craft teachers in Sundsvall
2017 Conducting a workshop with pupils ages 11 - 17 from Sundsval at Murberget, Härnösand
2017 Takes part in Picha Kucha, Härnösand
2017 Conducting a workshop/lecture at Textilarkivet, Sollefteå
2017 Conducting a workshop/lecture at Murberget in Härnösand
2016 Conducting a workshop/lecture with an embroidery group in Sundsvall
2016 Lecture in conjunction with the exhibition at Härnösands Art Hal
2008 Conducting a workshop in textile printing with craft program at Guldlav Bilder school in Sollefteå