Gallok (Kallak)
Abstract I,II,II,IV
Abstract Landscape
Burned I
Installation "Nature is a arable"
Installation "Black thread"
Object I, embroidery on skinn
Amaguk (inuit name for wolf)
Embroideries about Elsa Laula
Loose threads
Mixed media with drawing and embroidery

Sundsvall Artmuseum

June 9- September 16

By only using the black thread creats a graphic and stron expression and the force behind every artwork is nature.

This exhibitions have three

1 What can you do with embroidery? Regarding size, material etc. The possibilities are Boundless.

 2 Swedens enviroment problem, especially in the north.

3 The connection between Elsa Laula (Swedish sami and women fighter who lived a hundred years ago) and what have happend in the swedish Nobel academy. Beacause of her belives Elsa Laula had to leave Sweden and move to Norway beacause of threats from the governing men.
And that women now have to leave The academy . In a hundred years not much have happend regarding women right to express their thoughts.

During the exhibition there goig to be two interactions with the audiance.
One is a embroidery for everyone who wants to try.
The other is a wall with the sign: What do you think is important to fight for? and under it #what have you done today to make Elsa Laula pride?

Also during the exhibtion we play a jojk by Garmarna. The jojk is called "Njaalkeme"which is the Sami word for Hunger.